City Codes Enforcement

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The position of Codes Enforcement is an important position in the planning department as well as for the City of Morristown. The codes official is responsible for the making sure the properties within the city limits are clean and free from environmental hazards.

The Codes Enforcement Official answers calls from residents pertaining to trash and other types of refuse left on property or not disposed of properly.

If you want to make a complaint regarding Codes Enforcement, please call the City offices or report it online through our Citizen Concern Reporter.

The Codes Enforcement Official is in charge of enforcing the following Codes Enforcement Titles:

Title 13: Property Maintenance Regulations

Title 14: Zoning and Land Use Control

Title 16: Streets and Sidewalks, Etc…

Title 17: Refuse and Trash Disposal

Garage Sale Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Temporary Sign Regulations (Yard Sale Signs, campaign signs, event signs, etc.)