Registration for spring ball begins March 1 for all ages. Deadlines are as follows:
• Girls Minor League (9-10) and Girls Little League (11-12): March 12th
• Boys Minor League (9-10) and Boys Little League (11-12): March 17th
• Boys & Girls Tee-ball (5-6) and Coach Pitch (7-8): March 26th
Find all the necessary registration forms and information by visiting: http://bit.ly/3pJawvt 

Have all registration forms filled out before coming to drop them off and pay at the Morristown Parks & Recreation office. We will only be accepting cash or check as payment for youth baseball/softball. The cost is $35 per player, with an increase of $10 for each sibling up to $65 total.
Please do not hover around the back door of the MPRD offices as more customers will be coming to register. We need to stay socially distanced when registering, so if you see someone being helped at the back door, please wait in your vehicle until they leave.
There will be no tryouts this season for all age groups. A draft will take place before the end of March and a coach will call you/your child letting them know what team he/she will be playing on.
Practices begin April 5 for all ages.
If you are a coach or would like to inquire about coaching, please ask for Casey or Eric or call Parks & Rec at 423-586-0260.
Thank you for your cooperation! We are very excited to get back into the “swing” of things this season!
Let’s PLAY BALL!!!!!