Council Approves Community Center

Over the years, when asking citizens what Morristown needs, City staff has continued to hear the need for a community center. That request from citizens is finally coming to fruition. At last night's City Council meeting, Council approved the upcoming fiscal year budget which includes the construction of a new community center in Morristown.
City Council has been working closely with designer Lose and Associates to develop the design for a community center. After many meetings and careful study of location and feasibility, the Council has voted to move forward with this project and serve our growing population.
The community center will be located off of Merchants Greene. It will include competition and recreational swimming pools, large basketball facilities, a conference space, indoor climbing center, fitness rooms and more. The estimated price tag is $36 million. Council has approved a 25¢ tax increase for the coming fiscal year to cover this cost. To the average household, that means less than an $8 increase per month. 
Construction is expected to be completed by 2022. This is an exciting time for Morristown and the City looks forward to bringing more recreational and social opportunities to our citizens.

Community Center