MPD Offers Holiday Safety Tips

Morristown Police Department Offers Safety                            Tips to Avoid Falling Victim

As citizens are beginning their holiday season, the Morristown Police Department (MPD) would like to offer safety tips in an effort to help citizens and their families from becoming victims.

There have been an increase in the number of auto thefts and car burglaries in both business and residential areas.  Citizens are encouraged to lock their doors anytime the vehicle is unattended, and to not leave the car running while the vehicle is unattended.  Valuables should never be left in a vehicle, but if they are, they should be where they cannot be seen by passersby.  Valuables should never be left in an unlocked vehicle.    

Con-artists prey on citizens this time of year.  The number of scams reported to the Morristown Police Department has also increased this year.  Scams reported include where victims are given too much money for an item, and asked to send a check or gift cards with the excess amount back to the sender.  Once the check clears the victim’s bank, the victim is out the original deposit and fees incurred in addition to the excess money they returned.  Citizens should never send money back to a sender, nor should they give out their personal information such as credit/debit card and bank account numbers to someone over the phone. Another scam  is when a subject calls a relative (usually an elderly member) and states that their family member is in trouble.  They ask the victim to send money in order to get them out of trouble.  One more scam that has been reported is contract work.  Subjects are reaching out to victims for work to be done for the victim; victims are paying for work to be done at their home prior to the work being completed.  The suspect will take the victim’s money and not return to complete the work.

The MPD would like to remind citizens to always be aware of their surroundings.  If you must carry a purse or bag, keep it tucked closely under your arm with a hold on it at all times.  If you must carry cash, keep it in your front pocket and never carry large amounts.  Park in well-lit areas; if you feel unsafe walking to your vehicle, ask for security to escort you.  The MPD would also like to remind citizens that anytime they are approached in public or at their home and/or feel unsafe, to contact the police immediately. 

The Morristown Police Department wishes you the best for your holiday season.