Three Morristown juveniles have been arrested and charged in connection with an incident at Morristown-Hamblen West High School yesterday afternoon.

At approximately 2:30 pm yesterday the Morristown Police Department School Resource Officer received information that a student had brought a gun to school.

After an extensive investigation it was determined that a 14-year-old male freshman had brought a 9mm handgun to school in a backpack and, once there, two other students, both 15-year-old freshman males, handled the gun which was unloaded at the time.

All three students have been charged with Carrying Weapons on School Property.  One of the 15-year-olds was also charged with Consuming Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises.

All three males have been referred to Juvenile Court. 

Investigators believe this is an isolated incident and do not believe there was a plan to fire the weapon at the school.