Morristown Police Department Receives Third State Accreditation Award

MPD Command Staff with Third State Accreditation Award 12.5.2016

December 6, 2016 

On December 1, 2016, Morristown Police Department received its third award for Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation. The award was received in Nashville and presented to MPD Command Staff at their monthly meeting on December 5, 2016.

The Morristown Police Department became nationally accredited in 1996 and has maintained accreditation ever since. In 2010, the MPD switched from National to State Accreditation. The change kept the department accountable on the same issues, but allowed the MPD to save on costs for traveling and annual memberships. The Morristown Police Department goes through an assessment every three years to maintain accreditation status.

The accreditation process ensures that department policies and practices meet the guidelines of nationally accepted professional police practices. The department receives reduced liability premiums for maintaining accreditation status, liability risk is also reduced.

The assessment involves an on-site where assessors come from other agencies and look at various aspects of the MPD. Assessors take an agency tour, interview personnel in various departments, look at vehicles and assess 161 files that cover 24 chapters. Some chapters included are Use of Force, Pursuits, Investigative Duties, Patrol Duties and Juvenile Operations. Once the assessment is complete, personnel sit on a panel review in Nashville.

Natalie Pugh has served as the MPD’s Accreditation Manager since 2011. The accreditation process has been overseen by Major Michelle Jones for eight years. The accreditation process is ongoing, and all Morristown Police Department personnel are credited in achieving the award.

Maintaining accreditation status demonstrates a commitment by the Mayor and City Council, the Morristown Police Department, City Administration and the community to ensure the City has a professional police agency.

Chief Overholt stated, “He wants to thank all the police and city personnel, government officials, the Hamblen County 911 Communications Center and all the community partners who assist in maintaining these professional standards.”