ITS Project Coordinates Traffic Signals

The City of Morristown and its consultant, Kimley-Horn, finished upgrading the traffic signal timings on the ITS project on Friday, April 1st. The ITS project runs along West AJ Highway from Merchants Greene Boulevard to West Morris Boulevard / Walters Drive and along Morris Boulevard from Carson Street to Pope Road.

The project has been in the making for several years. The City of Morristown hired Kimley-Horn to begin design on the project and once the design was complete, the project went out to bid and construction began on the project last year. It included many upgrades to aid vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the City of Morristown. Some of the upgrades include a new server and new software, 58 new Countdown Pedestrian Signals that are push button activated, 6,237 square feet of new concrete sidewalks, new handicap accessible sidewalks with cast-in-place detectable warning system, new traffic responsive signals and cabinets with communications systems, and 6,140 feet of new tether wire to stabilize signals. 25 intersections are connected by fiber to the server and operations of these intersections can be viewed and controlled from one central location.

This newly updated ITS traffic signal control equipment has many benefits to Morristown drivers. Used in conjunction with signal timing optimization, it can reduce congestion. Coordinated signal systems will improve operational efficiency and new signal timings will minimize stops and delays, resulting in reduced gas consumption and improved travel conditions for our citizens. Please be mindful that the traffic pattern at specific intersections may have changed. As always, we recommend you please drive responsibly.

ITS Intersection

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