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The third requirement of the Stormwater Permit is for control of runoff from construction sites. Discharges of sediment or other waste (concrete truck washout, litter, etc.) from construction sites is prohibited by the City’s Stormwater Program Ordinance.

A permit is required for any land disturbance of any size inside the City with a few exceptions.  A Land Disturbance Permit  Application must be submitted prior to any land disturbance. Find the application and other necessary forms HERE. Please contact City offices for more information.

In addition, any land disturbance totaling more than one acre requires a permit from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). Consult TDEC’s Website or call the TDEC Knoxville Environmental Assistance Center at (865) 594-6035 for more information. Their website also includes information about training courses required for those who will implement and inspect a site covered by a TDEC Construction Permit.