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The Engineering Division, under the supervision of the Public Works Director, is responsible for developing regulatory and capital programs for the stormwater, utility, and transportation systems that belong to the City of Morristown.  The division also provides regulatory oversight of street maintenance, street design criteria, roadway access management, right of way management, traffic systems management, production of traffic analysis and traffic management planning, and is a technical advisor for other departments and City Council.

The division's activities include: documenting construction activities and administration of capital projects, providing technical guidance, developing capital programs that are approved by City Council, regularly reporting of progress of active capital projects and maintenance programs, providing survey and mapping information, creating easement documents, developing technical specifications related to infrastructure, providing technical reviews for all site development plans, and performing design work on special projects when directed.

In managing all the functions associated with stormwater, the Engineering Division is also responsible for: State and Federal compliance and audits, State and Federal permits, and site plan review and approval of all development projects.  Stormwater checklists, ordinances and manuals for the site plan review process can be found here.  

In addition, the Engineering Division reviews and issues permits for Work in the Right-of-Way, new driveways, Land Disturbance Permit Bonds and all Land Disturbance activities.  Land Disturbance permits may require an erosion control bond, SWPPP or NOC.  Please consult the division for details. Find copies of all necessary permits and forms HERE.