School Resource Officers

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During the 1998 school year, the Morristown Police Department and the Hamblen County School System implemented the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program.  The main purpose of the SRO Program is to provide a safe learning environment for our youth, and to act as a liaison between the Morristown Police Department and the Hamblen County School System.

 Currently, there are four full-time School Resource Officers assigned to the Hamblen County School System.  Two officers are primarily assigned to Morristown-Hamblen High School East and Morristown-Hamblen High School West.  Two officers are also assigned to the four middle schools in Hamblen County.  These officers serve as a liaison between the student population and the Morristown Police Department, as well as an educational and information resource for the staff of the school system. The SRO program is a pro-active community policing plan, devised to battle the national epidemic of youth violence and crime. The School Resource Officers provide information and education relating to those areas of violent and self-destructive behavior that students sometimes participate in. The SRO’s main objective is to deal with issues of violence that affect our families and community. The SRO’s often attend school functions such as football games, lock-ins, and other extracurricular activities whenever possible.

To contact your school's SRO, you may email them: 

East High – Officer Greg Hall

West High – Officer Sam Swatzell 

East Ridge/Meadowview – Detective Jason Young 

Westview/Lincoln – Officer Devon Gillett