Records Division

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The Records Division is a vital component of the Morristown Police Department. The primary function of the division, consisting of a Records Supervisor and Records Clerk, is processing and maintaining document systems as related to patrol and investigative activities within the jurisdiction of the City of Morristown. This includes working with offense reports, arrest reports, crash reports, citations, and other associated items to assist sworn personnel with case follow-up.

Offense information is uploaded to the state repository for both state and national statistics, and monthly reports with regards to citations are also submitted to the state. 

The Records Division is tasked with providing quality customer service to citizens with regards to citations, crash reports, and background checks among a multitude of other items needed by the public, as well as being the greeters to visitors of the Department.

Records personnel are responsible for maintaining compliance with state and federal guidelines as related to the associated functions within the division, and all records employees attend required training to ensure they are up to date on any changes and maintain certifications. Employees work with a variety of agencies as related to the day to day operations of the Records Division.

Each employee within the Records Division has his/her own daily tasks; however, as a unit they work together to provide the best service possible to those both within the Department and the community as well.

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