Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD)

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The function of the Morristown Police Department’s Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) Unit is to respond to calls where there is a possibility of explosives being located. The primary responsibility of the Unit is identification of possible explosive devices, scene containment, rendering safe the explosive or blowing in place (BIP).
The EOD Unit is equipped with 2 bomb search suits, Remotec F6a bomb robot, a bomb blanket, assorted tools, carriers, disrupter, and EOD Bomb Disposal Unit.

The officers involved with the EOD Unit have received extensive training in this area. They have handled numerous calls involving commercial and military explosives, as well as improvised (home-made) devices. The EOD Unit has worked with agencies such as Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms, FBI, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Greeneville Police Department, and many other local entities.

The Morristown Police Department’s EOD Unit is an FBI-Certified Explosive Ordnance Unit.

The EOD Unit consists of:
-1 EOD commander
-3 technicians
-1 assistant