Public Education

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The Morristown Fire Department hosts and attends numerous Public Education events throughout the year. Classes from virtually every elementary school either visit a fire station or request an engine company to visit the classroom. During these events, firefighters discuss safety topics such as home fire safety, Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH), reporting emergencies (911), and smoke alarm safety according to the age bracket of the group. Firefighters also dress up in full Turn-Out gear complete with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) so the children can see what a firefighter in action looks like and sounds like, so as not to be afraid if their house catches on fire and they not hide from an individual that resembles “Darth Vader.”

At all Public Education events, department personnel arrive equipped with fire/home/life safety literature for all ages and adults. For children, the department maintains a stock of literature, coloring books, and pamphlets designed for specific age groups. For small children, the department distributes coloring books, hats and plastic badges.

Engine companies also attend a large number of Public events in the community. Events include but not limited to:

Kiwanis Club - Hamblen County Car Club - Veteran’s Day Parade - WSCC Career Day - Conference for Day Care Children - East & West High Career Days - Wildland/Urban Interface Program - Howmet Safety Day - Halloween Lions Club Safety Day - Wal-Mart Safety Day - Healthstar Safety Day - College Square Safety Day - V.F.W. Safety Day - Home Depot Safety Day - Crossroads Downtown Christmas Parade - Lowes Safety Day Morristown –Hamblen Hospital Safety Day

The department takes part in the Morristown Parks and Recreation Department annual Boofest, Eggsellent Adventure, Children’s Day in the Park, and Fun Fair at Fred Miller Park.

The department is also involved with the Morristown Housing Authority in several annual events for children in their units.

Basic Fire Extinguisher Training
Basic fire extinguisher operation is taught to area businesses and industries. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employee training in the use of portable fire extinguishers must be provided by the employers who supply this equipment for use by their personnel. By combining class room instruction with hands-on training, MFD personnel help local companies safely satisfy this requirement.