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Morristown’s position as an industrial center has greatly benefited our community. Many of these industries use chemicals and processes that present hazards if they are not controlled. Federal Laws require a higher level of training to respond to these incidents necessitating the need for a department Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT).

All members of the team are certified Hazardous Material Technicians. After receiving an initial 400 Hrs certification training, each member receives 40 Hrs of specialized training annually. OSHA/TOSHA requires 4 Hours training monthly, with the team meeting on every 3rd Monday of each month.

This is a specialized team being one of three teams certified for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRN-E) response inside Homeland Security District II – serving 16 east Tennessee counties.

The department equips and maintains a specialized response engine, purchased with Homeland Security grants. This engine is complete with workspace for computer/record keeping, technical detection equipment (chemical, gas or nuclear), spill/leak containment devices, numerous levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including completely contained chemical suits and a Mass Casualty decontamination tent. This engine also carries a breathing air compressor which enables response personnel to refill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) on any emergency scene.

MFD also maintains 2 fixed decontamination facilities—Station 5 and Station 6. These stations are equipped with a separate decon room and shower. The decon shower is drained into a separate catch basin so as not to contaminate the public water supply.

Hazardous Incident Response Team Members

Marty Bryant, Captain
Mike Caldwell, Lieutenant
Gary Underwood, Engineer
Danny Case, Lieutenant
David Hall, Lieutenant
Brian Shepard, Operations Deputy Chief
David Smith, Engineer
Tim Carpenter, Deputy Fire Marshal
Brian Wallace, Lieutenant
Rob Croxdale, Captain
Doyle Whitmill, Lieutenant
Kevin Jarnigan, Lieutenant
John Heatherly, Engineer
Steven Keller, Firefighter
Preston Mayes, Engineer
Mike Caldwell, Lieutenant
Gary Underwood, Engineer
Greg Yount, Engineer
Matt Brooks, Engineer
Robert Smith, Firefighter
Doug Allison, Engineer
Nathan McDaniel, Firefighter
Dylan Robinson, Firefighter
Austin Rutherford, Firefighter
Jeramy Shope, Engineer