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Fire Suppression serves to fulfill the mission statement of our department with special emphasis placed on protecting our citizens from harm due to fire, natural or manmade disaster or medical emergencies. When summoned, our firefighters respond from 6 strategically located fire stations, operating six frontline fire pumper/engines, an aerial platform and a medical response vehicle.

The Suppression Division incorporates 78 uniformed personnel who are divided into 3 shifts. Each shift has 11 Firefighters, 7 Driver/ Pumper Operators, 6 Lieutenants, a Captain and a Battalion Chief, who acts as shift supervisor. Additionally, the Battalion Chief directs the department’s initial response to fire alarms, medical emergencies, Haz-Mat incidents or other events. Oversight of day-to-day operations is assigned to the Deputy Chief of Operations.


  Tillman Strange  Anthony Livesay LT Harold Shults ENG Steven Keller FF
 Dylan Robertson  Tom Ucciardi LT  David Smith ENG  Zach Kilby FF
 Robert Smith Greg Williams LT  Brian Wallace ENG  Ben Lowe FF
 Austin Rutherford  Jason Felknor ENG  Doyle Whitmill ENG  Jimmy Mayes FF
Shane Kyle CAPT  Doug Allison ENG  Brandon Williams ENG  Preston Mayes FF
 David Large CAPT  Nathan Atkins ENG  Nathan Best FF  Billy McBride FF
 Gene Barrett LT  Paul Bean ENG  Mike Bowlin FF  Rodney Norton FF
 Marty Bryant LT  Jonathan Benfield ENG  Matt Brooks ENG  Scott Seal FF
 Ryan Garretson  Mark Brewer ENG  Kevin Brown FF  Jeramy Shope FF
 Tim Carpenter LT  Mike Caldwell ENG  Brad Cooper FF   Derek Rogers FF
 Matt Cober LT  Danny Case ENG  David Cooper FF  Brandon Snyder FF
 Charles Collins LT  Terry Click ENG  Steven Cooper FF  Gary Underwood FF
 Chris Covington LT  Mike Simerly ENG  Nathan McDaniel FF  Sean West FF
 Rob Croxdale LT  Thom Evans ENG  Jason Frazier FF  Brian Williams FF
 Jim Hill LT  David Hall ENG  John Heatherly FF  Greg Yount FF
 Darrell Hodge LT  Shane Henson ENG  Jason Hill FF  Brian Trent FF
 Kevin Jarnigan LT  Doug Lephew ENG  Logan Horner FF  
 Scott Kimbrough LT  Jeff McDaniel ENG  Chris Hurst FF  
 Allen Epps LT  Erich Morgan ENG  Caleb Jones FF  
 Anthony Lakins LT  Keith Rouse ENG Aaron Adkins