Fire Marshal's Office

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The mission of the Fire Marshal's Office is to make the City of Morristown a safe place to live, work or visit by providing a reasonable degree of safety to life and property from fire and hazards through enforcement of the City's adopted fire codes and standards. This is accomplished by conducting life safety inspections of existing structures and new building construction.

The Fire Inspections Division of the Morristown Fire Department strives to protect the lives, homes, businesses, schools, churches and other properties of the citizens of Morristown through a modern application of public education programs, proven fire prevention methods and a reasoned enforcement of applicable codes and standards. Additionally, these activities are intended to reduce the number, lessen the impact and help eliminate risks of fire to which our Fire Suppression Division must respond.

Other functions of the Fire Prevention and Inspections activity include the investigation of suspicious fires, large financial loss fires and fires which result in injury or death to civilian or uniformed personnel. The office fills a staff advisory position on the Morristown Planning Commission, along with the Board of Zoning Appeals, where input is provided on items brought forward for consideration, including proposed annexations. Further, the office reviews new construction and remodeling plans for compliance to applicable codes, while making prudent attempts to inspect all existing structures within our jurisdiction. When requested, this office is charged with assisting the TN State Fire Marshal’s Office on State projects. One additional function of this office is to regulate open burning within the City’s jurisdiction through the use of a permitting system.

The Fire Marshal is assisted in the performance of these functions by 4 shift personnel and the Liaison Officer who are each certified by the State of TN to perform such tasks.