Chaplain Corps

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Due to the after-effects of September 11, 2001, the Morristown Fire Department discovered the need for a Chaplain Corp. It was founded in spring of 2002. At the present time, it consists of the Fire Department Chaplain, Reverend Don Lamb. Chaplains provide a wide range of services not only to the fire service but to the general public as well. Duties include providing peer support to the department, assisting with emergency service funerals, delivering invocations for special events, spiritual and emotional support during death notifications, performing critical incident stress management for both the department and the public as well, and provide resources and moral support for persons in time of need. After several hours of training and seminars, the corp. is a certified member of the Tennessee Emergency Services Chaplains Association (TESCA), Tennessee Critical Incident Stress Response Team, and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. The Chaplain Corp is here to be of service to those in need. Everyday, people call on the local fire department for help. The calls range from simple brush fires, to auto accidents with entrapment, to structure fires with children inside. The victims include the very young to the very old. The dangers the firefighter faces could bring about the loss of his own life. Seeing death and physical injuries often produce feelings of guilt or helplessness. This stress is reflected in the firefighter's family life and job performance. In this setting, the need for a chaplain is evident. A Fire Chaplain's primary focus is on the needs of the Fire Department and whatever situation the Firefighters encounter where the Chaplain may be of service to both the Firefighters and the community the Fire Department serves.